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Rickard Engfors is a female impersonator, or drag queen, from Sweden. He is a stylist, model and performer, born in November 1976, and has performed all over the world.

Rickard, in extravagant drag costumes, participated in Melodifestivalen 2005, the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest selection, together with female opera singer Katarina Fallholm. Together they performed the entry Ready For Me. They did not enjoy as much success as the drag duo After Dark did the previous year however. Like many Swedish drag queens, Rickard Engfors has a special love for Melodifestivalen entrants and entries, and show it to the world by impersonating them in his colourful shows.

Recently the Finnish fashion house Panos Emporio chose Rickard as its house model for a swimwear range, which caused enough controversy for it to be re-shot using a Greek model called Aleka.

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