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Dr. Rembert S. Truluck (born 1934, Clinton, South Carolina) is a gay theologian, Bible teacher, preacher, writer and pastor who served in Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC) in Atlanta, San Francisco, and Nashville, Tennessee between 1988-1996. He is the author of Invitation To Freedom, a guide to Personal Evangelism in the Gay Community (1993) and Steps To Recovery From Bible Abuse (1997).

He attended Furman University and earned a doctorate degree in Sacred Theology.[1] He served from 1953 to 1973 as Southern Baptist preacher and was a professor at Baptist College at Charleston (now Charleston Southern University). After being outed to the colleges Board of Trustees, he resigned from the school and became a pastor of MCC.

He is currently working on his next book "Will The Real Jesus Please Stand Up".

References Edit

  1. Hazel, Dann (1999), Witness: Gay and Lesbian Clergy Report from the Front, Westminster John Knox Press, ISBN 0664257879 

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