Reg Bundy (Reginald Sutherland Bundy (26 May 1941-15 April 2003)) was a British dancer, actor and television presenter best known for his performances in drag as H.I.H. (Her Imperial Highness) Regina Fong.

Bundy, a dancer by training, first developed the character of Regina Fong in 1985, and quickly achieved a regular Tuesday night spot at the Black Cap gay pub in Camden Town, London. Fong was said to be a Russian princess who had escaped to Britain following the Russian Revolution - a conceit which formed the basis of Bundy's 1990 one-man-show The Last of the Romanoffs, which premiered at the Edinburgh Festival and later ran at the Bloomsbury Theatre in London.

Regina Fong's stage act was a strong influence on the present generation of British character-based drag acts. It was inspired by the New York drag entertainer Lypsinka, and used a variety of songs, jingles, and sound effects, many of which were accompanied by elaborate dances and motions performed by the audience. Fong also co-presented Club-X, a late-night national television show aimed at young people, and was one of the regular hosts of London’s Lesbian and Gay Pride Festival.

Bundy appeared in the Edinburgh and London productions of British playwright Neil Bartlett (playwright)'s works A Vision of Love Revealed in Sleep and Night After Night, and also appeared in the BBC Radio Four adaptation of Night After Night.

Reg Bundy died of cancer on 15 April 2003. He was cared for by nurses from Marie Curie Cancer Care and subsequent fundraising events have raised money for the charity.

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