Rain is a currently pre-op male-to-female transexual in her senior year of High School presenting and passing as a girl and protagonist of the webcomic Rain . Her sexuality isn't fully defined but she has gone out with both boys and girls.

Rain likes manga especially Black wings, Kaminari

Early Life Edit

Rain knew early on she was a girl but do to family rejection she suppressed these feelings until came into Fara's care. During this period Christmas and on her birthday she'd rather play video games than try on clothes.

Life with Fara Edit

Rain came into her aunt Fara care when her mother died. At some point during this time, Rain came out to Fara as transgender and started presenting in public as female though she didn't talk much to anybody other than Fara and was mostly a homebody.

Life in Centerville Edit

Rain and Fara moved to Centerville so Rain could present full time as a girl. Fara enrolled Rain in St. Hallvard High School where she was one of the teachers. Due to an incident with her voice squeaking, she attracted a lot of attention from the male half of the school. Later that same day she met her old friend Gavin as well a pair of new friends Maria and Rudy Strongwell. None of the three understood Rain's gender at first but all have become close friends.


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