Raging Stallion Studios is an American pornographic studio, in partnership with Pistol Media, that produces gay pornographic movies. It was begun by Chris Ward and J. D. Slater; Michael Brandon later became a co-owner. Michael Brandon starred in several Raging Stallion films before deciding to buy into the company. All three have produced and directed video features released by the company. Ward focused on doing fetish features with fisting; Slater has a "Centurion Muscle" line; Brandon did a "Monster Bang" line. Slater also worked on soundtracks for the films, and has released some of this music on CDs.

In 2005, Raging Stallion released 22 new feature films. However, since mid-2005 the company has been loosing money. This down turn is acredited to Michael Brandon's drug use. Brandon who spend 8 years in prison and 3 on parole was taken off probation in June 2003 and his career skyrocketed! It has been suspected that he has been using in secret 3–4 years. The situation became so grave that in September 2007 he was asked to step down as partner. He refused but finally after 13 months of losing his home and living in motels while running from the law, Brandon was finally arrested and awaits trial at the San Francisco County Jail. Because of the heinousness of his previous sentences it is a real possibility that Brandon will spend the rest of his life in prison.


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