Queer Youth Radio is a community radio station aimed at young lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people based in the United Kingdom. The majority of its content is a mixture of streamed live and recorded news, documentaries, health advice and Soap Opera's made by young people as well as independent content from other youth organisations and groups. Members are invited to produce and star in their very own radio programmes. The station broadcasts a blend of new music and news as well as having its own Soap Opera called 'The Group'. Which follows the goings on at a gay youth group and tackles funny issues along with not so funny ones.

The Station also plays host to 'The DJ Samzie Radio Show' presented by a member of the organization. The show is a blend of music and chat, covering topics from Fashion to The Eurovision Song Contest. It's latest addition to the line-up is Sandra, and has proved a ratings success. Sandra is Queer Youth's very own drag queen who plays a mix of uplifting tunes with a touch of vile humor as an added bonus.

The station was first launched around the clock with a limited FM license in Brighton in the mid-90's, and has since continued via the medium of Internet Radio. As well broadcasting a live stream, most programs are also available as podcasts. In 2004 the station merged with the Queer Youth Alliance to form the Queer Youth Network.

Its studios are based at Salford University in Salford, Greater Manchester.

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