Queer Mutiny is an anarchist Queer organization. There are branches in Edinburgh, London, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff and Leeds in the United Kingdom.

Groups are run independently by members, who are free to take the activities of the group in whatever direction they choose, as organization is done in an anarcho-syndicalist manner, apart from Edinburgh QueerMutiny who reject such labels.

Queers of all sexualities meet as regularly as they feel fit, to talk to each other, socialize and get active. Queer Mutiny is a DIY collective which aims to fight prejudice, link up with other campaigns, learn, create alternatives and celebrate what it is to be Queer. They organize skill sharing workshops, with the hope of empowerment and having fun. They are against hierarchies, capitalism and assimilation.

Queer Mutiny put on a variety of events that don't revolve around consumption, where people can talk about politics, the planet and things beyond gay life and fashion.

Examples of activities of the groups are: queer self-defence, political activism, musical performance, radical queer walking, alternatives to Pride, zine making, queer presence at EDO demos, dildo-making workshops, queer film nights, discussions around queer identity, critical massing, stencilling, and networking with other radical queers.

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