Queer Fist was a radical LGBT collective in New York City that was started as an ad hoc network amid the 2004 Republican National Convention protests.

According to Salon Magazine, Queer Fist protesters marched against the RNC delegates in Times Square "shouting, 'We're here! We're queer! We're fabulous! Don't fuck with us!' A topless woman and men wearing black wedding veils assembled on 45th Street and started making out, hoping to appall prudish and homophobic Republicans."[1]

Queer Fist held monthly meetings at CUNY. Notably, they were responsible for protests against "assimilationist" gay rights organizations such as the Log Cabin Republicans and Human Rights Campaign.

Although started in New York, chapters emerged across the country.[2]

The New York group gradually dissolved, holding its last meeting in 2006.

Some members of Queer Fist went on to form the Radical Homosexual Agenda.

References Edit

  1. "We the people say no to Bush",, Aug. 30, 2004.
  2. See post advertising membership at MySpace forum.

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