Queer Eye for the Straight Girl, a spin-off of the television show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, aired from January 2005 - May 2005. As the name suggests, the program focuses on makeovers for females while following the format of the original show. As opposed to the original show, which is mostly set in New York City, Queer Eye for the Straight Girl was set in Los Angeles. The hosts were called "The Gal Pals" and included three gay men and a lesbian. The show was not a success and ended after the first season.

The Gal PalsEdit

  • Robbie Laughlin ("The Look") - specializes in fashion and beauty tips.
  • Danny Teeson ("The Life") - specializes in lifestyle.
  • Damon Pease ("The Locale") - specializes in interior design and furniture.
  • Honey Labrador ("The Lady") - specializes in character building and expounds the three other areas.

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