Queer Collaborations (QC or QC's) is a national Australian queer conference. The conference is held annually, usually in July. In recent years, the conference has attracted 300-400 delegates.

It is often referred to as a student conference, although that is not strictly true. The majority of delegates are students, but the facilitation collectives have not usually restricted registration. The conference has traditionally been supported by the National Union of Students of Australia (NUS) and has used the NUS Standing orders, but officially the conference is autonomous and not affiliated with NUS.

History Edit

The conference began in 1991 as a one day meeting of students from universities around Sydney. Eventually QC expanded to its current format of a one-week national conference.

A recent challenge to the conference occurred in 2001 in Newcastle, when a political dispute caused the conference floor to split. Many of the delegates left the conference, and formed their own conference in a bar down the street.

This year (2007) it was held in Hobart, Tasmania. In 2008, it will be held in Melbourne, Victoria.

Year HostTheme
1991 University of Sydney
1992 University of Technology Sydney
1991 University of Sydney
1993 University of Sydney
1994 University of Queensland, Brisbane
1995 University of Melbourne Heresy
1996 University of Western Australia, Perth Queer as FUCK
1997 Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane Volatile
1998 University of Tasmania, Hobart Emerge
1999 University of Adelaide OUT - Raging
2000 Charles Sturt University, Bathurst Camping Out West
2001 University of Newcastle (NSW) The future is queer to me now
2002 Australian National University
University of Canberra
Queery Oppression
2003 Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
University of Melbourne
Swinburne University of Technology
Validate Here
2004 Queensland University of Technology
Griffith University, Brisbane
Yes it's fuckin' political
2005 University of Western Australia, Perth {Queer}ying Gender
2006 University of Sydney Terror Alert: Rainbow
2007 University of Tasmania Alphabet Soup: the A-Z of queer diversity in the 21st century
2008 Cross-Campus Queer Network (Victoria)
Host Campus: University of Melbourne
Freedoms are won - not given

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