Q Television Network was an American cable television channel which aired programming targeted to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender audiences. Owned by Triangle Multimedia, the channel aired a mix of film, documentary and music programming, along with a number of original talk and information programs.

Q's most watched program was The Queer Edge with Jack E. Jett. Host Jett wore kitchen gloves for the hour variety show, which ran 2005-2006, and included guest stars, musical acts, comedy and Jett's own avant-garde sense of humor. Sandra Bernhard was semi-permanent guest star in 2006.

Q employed the director and most of the crew of the 2006 rockumentary 40 Bands 80 Minutes!.

Personalities associated with QTN programming included Jack E. Jett, Jackie Enx, Rob Williams, Elizabeth Melendez, Nick Oram, Steve Kmetko, Honey Labrador, Scott Withers, Joe Bechely, Reichen Lehmkuhl, and Chrisanne Eastwood.

In 2005, Q became available in Australia via SelecTV.

QTN ceased regular operations as of February 2006 amid allegations of corporate thievery and management incompetence. Q employees were ultimately locked out with thousands of dollars in back pay owed to them.

Stock price of the company traded under QBID is currently valued at under .0001, investers lost millions of dollars. CEO Frank Olsen is currently under investigation.

In what was widely seen at the time as an ironic gesture to management, some of the production staff and crew reunited under the direction of Queer Edge associate producer Sean Carnage on March 6, 2006 to produce the critically acclaimed music documentary 40 Bands 80 Minutes!.

Q on the MoveEdit

Q on the Move was produced and hosted by Nick Oram.

Oram, with the Q on the Move crew, interviewed political and entertainment personalities as the show toured the USA. The Los Angeles episode of Q On the Move brought audiences to the LA Fashion Week, to Nike's "Run Hit Wonder" and then on to an exclusive, behind-the-scenes, VIP tour of QTN's Burbank studios. Also in the episode, Nick Oram had several interviews with Hollywood celebrities, including Melissa Etheridge, Paula Abdul, Kathy Griffin, Peter Paige, and the "Mayor of Hollywood", Johnny Grant.

Episodes of Q on the Move covered Miami/Fort Lauderdale, the Midwest, Las Vegas and other destinations. Oram was presented with the "Key to the City" of Miami Beach by Michael Aller, director of Miami Tourism.

On Q LiveEdit

The final performance of Nick Name and his punk rock band "The Normals" was in October 2005 on QTN.

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