Pride Radio is a Dance / Top 40 station, launched by Clear Channel Communications. This service targets listeners in the LGBT community.

History Edit

Pride Radio was launched on March 31, 2006 over the sub-carrier channel of Top 40 Mainstream WKSS/Hartford, Connecticut and offers a playlist that is mostly made up of current Dance and Rhythmic/Pop hits, along with music and artists that are gay-friendly. The service also features DJs as well.

Stations Edit

These stations currently carry Pride Radio on their HD2 subchannels:

  • WKSS/Hartford, Connecticut
  • KBIG/Los Angeles
  • WLDI/West Palm Beach, Florida
  • WMGE/Miami, Florida
  • WKSC/Chicago, Illinois
  • KHKS/Dallas, Texas
  • KIOI/San Francisco, California
  • WSRS/Worcester, Massachusetts
  • WMTX/Tampa, Florida.

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