Pride Glasgow is a lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Pride Festival held in Glasgow, Scotland.

History Edit

Pride Glasgow promotes education to eliminate discrimination against the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) community. We raise awareness of these issues through the festival currently held every 2 years .

Pride Glasgow manages to maximize LGBT organizations effectiveness and their outreach to the LGBT community. By allowing these charities to promote their services to a wider audience through pride we give them the opportunity to share information and work together. This creates an area at Pride Glasgow where people can come and learn about LGBT organizations, and find support or get involved.

2010 marks the 2nd Pride Event under the name of Pride Glasgow, the 4th Pride Event under our current format and the 8th Pride event in Glasgow to happen each time attracting more people and bigger events.

Pride is run by a volunteer team and we welcome those who wish to get involved

Pride 2012 Edit

Pride Glasgow 2012 took place on Saturday 14 July 2012 with AXM Club Glasgow as the major headline sponsor for the event. The event's director Ross Stevenson estimated the number of participants as being over 6,000. Among the performers was Ryan Jagger & Joe McElderry.[1]

Pride 2010 Edit

Pride 2010 was held on July the 17th and began with a march of over 3000 LGBT people and supporters from Kelvinhall to George Square, in the city centre.[2]

2010 celebrated a 15 year landmark in Pride events in Scotland

The event which consisted of a parade and street party with acts including Ryan Jagger, 90s Boyband Five, Horse McDonald and Laura White from X-Factor

Pride 2008 Edit

Pride Glasgow 2008 took place on August 30, 2008 and was attended by approx 5000 people, the event started with the March/Parade from Blythswood Square finishing at George Square with a rally and speeches from Nicola Sturgeon deputy first minister, Irfan Rabbani Glasgow City Council Equalities spokesperson Bruce Fraser Chief Executive of Gay Men's Health and Patrick Harvie MSP and Leader of Scottish Green Party

After the speeches, the rainbow flag was raised over Glasgow City Chambers and the party on the square began with performances from Hazell Dean Brenda Edwards Charlene Marilynn D'Angelo boyband Billiam and Uniting Nations to name a few along with the Pride Glasgow Marketplace with stalls from organisations, public sector agencies, voluntary sector organisations and commercial stalls

Pride 2008 Launch Event Edit

Pride Glasgow held a launch event to celebrate the new pride event for Glasgow and to gain ideas and input of people in terms of what they want from Pride 2008

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  1. "Record numbers attend gay Pride Glasgow", GayStarNews, 15 July 2012. Retrieved on 16 July 2012. 

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