In foreskin restoration, the point of equilibrium (or POE) is a point (actually a line around the penis) where tension toward the glans and toward the base is equal when T-Tape draws the skin forward.

Finding the POE Edit

One physically holds the skin and feels for the POE, then one marks with a marker or crayon before applying tape. Locating this point is an essential step in using the T-Tape method.[1] In some cases, it may not be a straight line, but may be uneven or coincide with the scar.[2]

With restoration devices that do not use tape, often the gripping surfaces will tend toward the POE automatically as the device is applied. Manual methods of foreskin restoration also focus on the point of equilibrium.[3]

Other definitions Edit

Before the introduction of T-Tape, the term "point of equilibrium" was described in The Joy of Uncircumcising as the point at which a restorer had grown enough skin that merely taping it forward over the glans no longer provided sufficient tension for skin expansion (Bigelow 1992:168).


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