Pinups is a magazine, featuring hot men, through black and white photography. Stripping the magazine down to the centerfold, Pinups presents viewers with halftone lifesize images of nude men. The models are real men from the photographer, Christopher Schulz' life. Schulz has described the piece as more than simply a magazine, but as an experience. The viewer must explore the piece, figure it out, dismantle it, piece it together, and pin it up.

History & EvolutionEdit

In 2007, Christopher Schulz created the first four issues of Pinups in New York. Through the issues, Pinups has evolved from a double centerfold of one model to incorporating multiple models and numerous images. It has explored stark backgrounds as well as those which can contribute to the photograph or model with a setting. Also, Pinups explores its own style, ranging from fun, joyous poses to dark, alluring shots.

4 September 2007 Joe Pop interviewed Christopher Schulz about Pinups and beards in Pisszine. 6 May 2007 Pinups is mentioned in the New York Times in an article, "Gay Art: A Movement, or at Least a Moment" "I've noticed a huge number of little gay periodicals coming out and they're all focused toward the creative end of things," said AA Bronson, the artist and director of Printed Matter, citing publications like Kaiserin, a French magazine "for boys with problems"; Pinups, a coyly elaborate one-image publication by the Brooklyn artist Christopher Schulz."—AA Bronson. 1 April 2007 The first Moustache Ride party at Nowhere Bar, hosted by Scum Bag Fag Mag, was the launch of the Pinups Issue 1.


The first issue features two larger than life photographs of one model against a stark background. The second issue features two lifesize photographs of one model against a stark bed background.The third issue features a lifesize photograph of one model on a rooftop in Manhattan and another lifesize photograph of a second model in the woods of upstate New York. The forth issue features a lifesize photograph of one model in a dark setting and numerous smaller images and spreads of the same model.

Explore each for yourself:

Issue 1: Featuring Elliott

Issue 2: Featuring Jason

Issue 3: Town & Country

Issue 4: Featuring Nathan

Issue 5: Featuring Alex and Ian

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