Pervertible (frequently misspelt "pervertable") is a term originally coined by David Stein to describe ordinary non-sexual objects, especially everyday household objects, that can be used sexually, particularly in BDSM play such as spanking. Some objects become so commonly 'perverted' that manufacturers produce and market models designed for this 'luxury' market. As their products are often modified (safer, sexier, easier to handle, more painful, etc.) the objects cease to be true pervertibles.

Rationale in BDSMEdit

As humiliation is often part of BDSM, the choice of the object may be intentionally humiliating in itself, as the victim is thus associated with a very young child (e.g. diapers), with a lowlife, or with a non-person, such as an animal (e.g. a fly swatter) or even filth (e.g. a toilet brush). The same subjective effect can also be obtained by 'perverting' the submissive's body as an object, e.g. as furniture to sit or rest the dominant's feet or rear on, storing objects in his/her underwear or orifices (mainly oral and anal) or even parking a bike between his/her buttocks. Such methods are not uncommon in hazing either.

Common Pervertibles Edit

Spanking implementsEdit

Not counting instruments normally designed for utilitarian hits, such as fly whisks, some of which originally were used for discipline (e.g. swagger stick) nor objects called club, stick, rod, whip etcetera; these include :

Almost any object can be used, baring those too frail or cumbersome. Often the choice is guided by convenience (e.g. availability) or fitting into role play, such as objects associated with various professions or fetishism.

Other teasing and pain inflictionEdit

References and external linksEdit

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