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Paul Lambert is a fictional character on the ITV Soap opera Emmerdale. He is played by Mathew Bose.

About PaulEdit

Paul Lambert arrived in Emmerdale in September 2004.

He is the son of Diane Blackstock’s flighty sister Val Lambert, though is more like his sharp-witted aunt than his deceitful mother. His childhood was difficult, often needing to take care of his mother. Paul's sexuality only caused a rift between the two when he had an affair with one of her numerous boyfriends. This tension lasted for five years, until he arrived in Emmerdale.

During Diane's wedding service, his mother suddenly revealed that his former uncle, Rodney Blackstock, was Paul’s biological father; to the shock of both men. Over the next few months, Paul and Rodney were uncomfortable with his other, despite his half-sister Nicola Blackstock’s attempts to get them to be friends. In the end it was the break-up of Paul’s relationship with his lover of nine years, Enzo, that forged a bond between the two and are now firm friends.

Paul forged another unlikely relationship with meek post mistress Emily Kirk. When her marriage to vet Paddy Kirk ended to his affair with her boss and friend Viv Windsor, Paul helped to comfort her.

Paul also caught the eye of local binman Ivan Jones, neither of them being able to control their feelings. Both men struggled with the relationship as Ivan wanted to keep it a secret as no one in Emmerdale knew yet that he was bisexual. They both found happiness after some ups and downs, until Nicola, bored and frustrated in her own relationship with binman Simon Meredith, formed a crush on Ivan and tried to seduce him. When she found out that he was seeing Paul, Nicola became obsessed with stealing Ivan.

After he’d rejected her a few times, a drunk Nicola wore lingerie and tried again, unsuccessfully. To her delight Lesley Meredith witnessed the attempt and got the wrong idea, telling everyone that Ivan and Nicola had been having an affair. Paul’s faith was shaken and ended their relationship. When Ivan asked for another chance, Paul turned him down.

Single again, Paul moved back in with his father Rodney and forged a bond with Kelly Windsor, who was dating his father. Both were delighted when Rodney bought Holdgate Farm for them to transform into a spa, but were disappointed when the Spa was rejected by the Council. Instead of fighting the council, Rodney turned his attention to buying Louise Appleton's half of the Woolpack, to the disapproval of Kelly and Paul.

Before Christmas, 2006, Paul rescued bisexual neighbour Grayson Sinclair from a vicious beating and following the situation, Grayson's wife Perdita Hyde-Sinclair grew suspicious of them, assuming Paul was having an affair with her husband. However after a discussion, Paul and Perdita developed a close friendship and due to Perdita's ever present paranoia, she unwittingly "played match-maker" between her new employee Jonny Foster and Paul. Jonny was a stabilising influence on Paul's life. After being together for nearly 6 months Jonny moved into Victoria Cottage with Paul, Emily Kirk, and Paul's father Rodney Blackstock.

AftHowever, Perdy had become the victim of Rosemary's distaste, and was given Malaria tablets. They reacted with her depression tablets, and together with Rosemary's meddling, made Perdy look mentally ill, causing her to be sectioned. When she refused to see her husband, Paul acted as a go between and tried to get Perdy and Grayson together again. This meant that Paul spent a lot of time with Grayson, and started to fall for him.

At an expensive jewellery party at Home Farm (which Paul helped to organise), Jonny was told by Chastity Dingle that Paul needed commitment, and on a moment of sponteneity bought an eternity ring and asked Paul to marry him. Paul was unsure whether to accept Jonny's proposal or not, seeing as his feelings for Grayson were growing and he had only been with Jonny for a short while. After realising that Kelly had overheard, she told him that Jonny was a good man who loved him and Paul realised that it would be stupid of him to decline.

As Jonny went about arranging their wedding, Paul ended up having a one night stand with Grayson, but was devastated when Grayson said it meant nothing to him. Paul confessed to Jonny about his sordid betrayal and Jonny decided to leave the village. However before he went, Paul declared his love for him and he decided to stay and work on their relationship. Jonny warned Grayson to keep away from them or he would tell Perdy about the fling.

On March 3rd 2008, Paul and Jonny got married, though not in the way they originally planned. Furious that his parents were still arguing over petty little details for the ceremony, Paul, Jonny, Emily and Jonny's friend Barry went to the registry office in Hotten, where Paul and Jonny tied the knot without their families present. However, upon returning to Home Farm (where the service was originally meant to be held) neither of them could bring themselves to tell their parents they were already married, and so went through the entire ceremony again to please them.

After Perdy's marriage to Grayson disintegrated, she eventually moved in with Jonny and Paul. They stuck by Perdy as she fought for rights to the unborn child Grayson and Katie Sugden planned to raise. On March 24 2008, after a confrontation with her in the Woolpack, Grayson told her that he'd slept with Paul. Paul didn't deny the claim, and Perdy lunged at Grayson. Perdy was then taken into custody. Paul demanded to know why Grayson had told her, but Grayson gave no response. Perdy left town without forgiving Paul.

With his domestic life finally cleared up, Paul spent the next few months helping to plan his mother's wedding and enjoying his new marriage to Jonny. Unfortunately, the problems of the past soon returned to destroy his happiness. Perdy returned to town, invited by Katie, who had a secret plan to give the baby up for adoption. When she found out Grayson had slept with Paul, she took pity on Perdy and decided to give her the baby, along with some money. Katie confided her plan in Jonny, and Jonny told Paul. Paul went to see Grayson, and although he told Grayson nothing, Grayson sensed something had happened. Jonny had to stop him from threatening Katie, who soon went into labor and gave birth to a baby delivered by Perdy and Matthew King. She gave the baby to Perdy, who then left town in a hurry.

Jonny refused to believe Paul hadn't tipped Grayson off. After some time to cool down, he began to believe Paul, but Paul had gone to visit Grayson to tell him to stop drinking and clean up his life. Jonny saw Grayson giving Paul a hug which Paul did not reciprocate. Paul swore to Jonny that nothing had happened, but Jonny decided he could no longer be in a relationship where he doubted his partner. The next day, he quietly left town, leaving Paul a goodbye letter. Paul was devastated. Later that day, he saw Katie running out of her house after being threatened by Grayson. Paul punched him, twice, in front of a number of villagers, but when Grayson tried to press charges, all of the witnesses claimed they saw nothing. During this confrontation, Paul also outed his one-night stand with Grayson. Grayson left town the next day. Both of the men in Paul's life were gone, thanks to his lying and cheating.


Paul is set to leave towards the end of the year.[1]



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