Template:Female adult bio Patricia Araujo (born February 141983 as Felipe) is a glamour and porn shemale model. She is a pre-op transwoman.

Biography Edit

Patricia Araujo was born in Ilha do Governador (Rio de Janeiro), Brazil, descending of a middle-class family, and named Felipe.[1] At the age of 12 he realized being that he was attracted to boys as well to girls. And, after confessing this to a teacher of his bisexuality, he was expelled from school at the age of 13 because of "misconduct". Now (s)he began to clothe like a woman and taking hormones for hormone replacement therapy from the pharmacy by telling them they were for her mother and she began to develop female forms. At 15 she entered a relationship with a 20 years older man which lasted four years. At the age of 19, she started working as a transsexual model and escort in Italy and subsequently in Rio de Janeiro, and due to her beauty and sex-appeal, entered a successful career as transsexual porn star. According to various internet polls, she ranks among the most popular Brazilian adult models. She is notable for rarely showing her breasts even when completely nude due to her nipples being wall eyed (as shown in the links below), and is also known for her large buttocks.

Awards Edit

  • Miss Brazil Transsex 2002
  • Miss T-girl World 2004
  • Miss Universo Trans 2005

Personal life Edit

Later, Patrica have begun to lose her interest on men and gain more attention on women. She's currently searching for a female whom she may settle with. Also, Patricia has been looking forward to leave the porn business to find a woman to marry as similar to the transsexual name Lisa Lawer. She's looking to find love with the right lady and have a child with of her own.

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Footnote Edit

  1. Silvia Pilz: «Essa mulher tem um segredo» in: MarieClaire (port.)
de:Patricia Araujo

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