Eun-Suh Park (Park Eun-Suh, in Korean) is a fictional character in the 1999 film The Ring Virus. She is based on Sadako Yamamura from the original Japanese Ringu series but more closely resembles the Sadako from the novels.

Character outline Edit

Eun-suh Park was born in the early to mid-1960s. She and her mother both possessed supernatural powers, and the locals considered them witches. After her mother's suicide, however, Eun-suh appeared to lose her powers and she lived peacefully with her uncle. She went to the mainland after she finished high school and disappeared, only sending her uncle one postcard saying that she had found work as a singer in a nightclub. Known as "Sunny Park" to the others at the nightclub, she worked as a gofer for over a year. After the death of one of the club singers, she resigned and went to be near her half-brother, from her father's first marriage, Hyung-pil. When he was admitted to a clinic for smallpox, Eun-suh went to nurse him. There may have been an incestuous relationship between Eun-suh and Hyung-pil, but it may have been just one sided on Hyung-pil's part. Hyung-pil rapes Eun-suh and discovers her secret; she has both male and female genitalia. (She was born with Androgen insensitivity syndrome, meaning that despite having the external appearance of a beautiful woman, chromosomally she was XY, a male.) Hyung-pil murders Eun-suh by throwing her down a well, and she died in there after seven days.

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