Panti is a drag queen originally from County Mayo, Ireland.

Biography Edit

Since 1996 Panti has been the hostess of the annual Alternative Miss Ireland pageant. Considered by many as the grande dame of the Dublin gay scene and the most influential of all Irish drag queen, Panti spent several years in Tokyo, (performing as part of double act CANDIPANTI), she returned to Ireland in 1996. Panti co-created (together with Niall Sweeney, Tonie Walsh and Trish Brennan) and hosted several transgressive and popular performance based club nights - GAG, POWDERBUBBLE and H.A.M., in turn spawning sister clubs such as GRISTLE.

Panti hosts a weekly karaoke show (The Casting Couch) at The Front Lounge, Dublin, and DJs every Friday in The Dragon. She regularly appears with drag queen Shirley Temple Bar at her weekly Bingo show in Dublin's best known gay bar, The George. She has also appeared on the Maury Povich talk show in the US


'Panti' is believed to be an abbreviation of 'Pandora Bliss'
Panti danced on stage in Japan with Cyndi Lauper during her 1994 Twelve Deadly Cyns Tour [1]

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