Outburst UK is a national charitable organization that supports the black LGBT community in the United Kingdom.

The Organization is a Community Interest Company (which is almost like a charity, but with more flexibility) and works in the community to provide support and host events and other initiatives, most notably the annual black gay pride festival which is held in July/August each year. Please see Mission Statement

Their Work Involves:

  • Providing a Scholarship Fund to first and second year university students.
  • Hosting an annual black LGBT Expo to coincide with LGBT History Month in February.
  • Organising an all day Cultural day in October that coincides with British Black History Month.
  • Hosting an annual black LGBT Pride festival.
  • Film Screenings.
  • Book Readings.
  • Supporting other organizations within the community.

History Edit

Outburst UK was formed on 8 June 2007 and has a Board of Directors of five individuals. The Planning Committee of the organization is made up of individuals drawn from the African and African-Caribbean community and all are volunteers.

External links Edit

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