Out Takes: A Reel Queer Film Festival is an annual film festival screening New Zealand and international homosexual films. The festival takes place in late May/early June in three cities: Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch. OutTakes used to premier in Dunedin with selected film screenings at Palmerston North.

Festival objectives Edit

Queer films have the power to remind us of who we are, to inform and transform people both in and outside of our communities, to bring people together to celebrate queer culture and to advance the movement for equal rights. Reel Queer Incorporated's objectives are to:

  • Raise positive public awareness of queer culture and of the valuable contribution made by the queer community to New Zealand society.
  • Engage the diverse members of the queer community and bring them together in a celebration of queer cinema and culture.

We also strive to exercise careful financial management and to continue to offer value-for-money advertising and sponsorship opportunities, as well as a high-quality film festival.

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