OneByOne is a Presbyterian ex-gay organization based in Rochester, New York. The idea for OneByOne started as a result of a conference held in November 1994 by a PC(USA) church and the Presbyterian Renewal Ministries entitiled "The Path to Freedom: Exploring healing for the Homosexual." In January 1995 the Presbyterian Renewal Network held a meeting to discuss what could be done, at which time they created OneByOne.[1] In July 2003, it joined with 10 other organization that serve people conflicted over unwanted homosexual attractions [2] to form a coalition called Positive Alternatives to Homosexuality.[3]

OneByOne’s mission is both to minister to the "sexually broken" and serve as a source to those trying to support them, with an emphasis on homosexuality. Since they teach that sex should only be employed between a husband and a wife, they view homosexuality as a sin and a type of sexual brokenness.[4] The organization cites testimonies of participants, saying their methods have been effective in helping them abandon the homosexual lifestyle.[5]

OneByOne and the PC(USA) Edit

Within the PC(USA), interpretation of the Bible's stance on homosexuality has been sharply debated, and they are currently awaiting the release of a study on the "peace, unity, and purity" of the church before taking up the issue again. OneByOne members have accused those supporting the idea that homosexual behavior can be Biblical as having been influenced by science and their own feelings, rather than scripture.[6][7] Those in favor argue that what is most important is what the spirit teaches the churches now.[6] Both disagree with the condemnation of homosexuality as a sin greater than other sexual sins from past leaders.

Controversy Edit

OneByOne is among many organizations that promote the Ex-gay movement that have sprung up in recent years. Despite the consensus among mainstream medical organizations that sexual orientation is unchangeable,[8] many people are attending these meetings, some saying that these groups have helped diminish same sex attractions.[5]

LGBT rights supporters denounce any group that supports aspects of the ex-gay movement. They state that behind their mask of compassion their true goal is “to roll back legal protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people."[9] The medical and scientific consensus is that attempts at eliminating same-sex attractions are not effective and are potentially harmful.[8]


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