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Ola Salo, real name Rolf Ola Anders Svensson, born 1977 in Avesta, is a Swedish rock singer in the Swedish glam rock band The Ark. Ola lived in Rottne, Växjö Municipality, in Sweden when he was a child. It was while living in Rottne, in 1991, that he and his friends Jepson and Leari officially started the band The Ark. Ola writes almost all of the band's lyrics himself, and writes about what he thinks probably is the most important thing any band could sing - Love.[citation needed]

Ola Salo and the other members of the band had an international breakthrough in 2000 with the album We Are The Ark, containing the "national anthem" of Ark-fans, It takes a fool to remain sane, a song Ola wrote after watching the Danish film Idioterna (The Fools).

In October 2006 during a party celebrating the new Swedish embassy in Washington, The Ark was performing on stage. As a plane was flying overhead Ola Salo said something of the style that he hope the plane was going towards the White House.[1] Salo later said that it was a bad joke and not a political statement.[2] The band ended up cancelling almost all of its US tour.[3]

On March 10 2007 Ola Salo and the band The Ark won Melodifestivalen 2007 and will go on to represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007.


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