The ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives is an archive of written, photographic, and other information on LGBT people which has been accumulated since the creation in Post-World War II 1940s Los Angeles and New York of ONE magazine; which was one of the first periodicals catering to the early development of a political consciousness in the Lesbian and Gay community in the United States. In the early days these publications were created and accumulated under duress as public attitudes towards gay and lesbian people were often negative and dismissive, especially prior to the 1973 ruling by the American Psychiatric Association that homosexuality was not necessarily considered a mental disorder or mental disease. The archives are housed in Los Angeles, California.

Many of the documents, writings and other property of civil rights pioneer Morris Kight are located at the ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives in Los Angeles. Use of the collection is free.

ONE and EBSCO Publishing created the database LGBT Life which is accessible via many North American libraries.


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