Norris v. Ireland was a 1988 case decided by the European Court of Human Rights. The case was brought against the Republic of Ireland by Senator David Norris. The complaint of Norris was directed against the existence of laws criminalizing certain homosexual acts between consenting adult men. The court ruled in favor of Norris, on similar grounds to those of Dudgeon v. United Kingdom.

The laws impugned by the judgment were eventually repealed by the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Act, 1993.[1][2]

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  1. Private Members' Business. - Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Bill, 1993: Second Stage.. Dáil Éireann debates. Oireachtas (23 June 1993). Retrieved on 9 July 2012. “it is the case that the main sections of the Bill arise against a background of the European Court decision in the Norris case”
  2. Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Act, 1993 Irish Statute Book

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