Noir Leather is a Detroit-area leather and fetish gear shop.


Noir has been a Detroit cultural icon since December 1981. Owned and operated by Keith Howarth since the beginning, it began as a wholesale leather company and expanded into a storefront on 3rd St in Royal Oak in 1983. Throughout the years it has been a prime local advertiser and has had heavy involvement in the local fetish/goth scene. In the mid-90s, at the height of Noir's success, Keith owned 4 stores; Noir Leather, Vintage Noir, Noi, and Faith Couture. During this time period he also began doing live shows at the State Theatre which drew large attendances upwards of 1000 people. As the years passed the Noir Leather empire was consolidated into a single store which was the Vintage Noir location originally. Today Noir Leather continues supporting the local fetish scene by sponsoring shows and putting on its famed Hellbound fetish parties.

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