no homo is a phrase that is usually appended by one person either before or after a sentence or phrase that may be mistakenly construed or interpreted by the hearer or reader of the sentence or phrase as implicating the first person in acts or thoughts of homosexuality. The term is of colloquial urban American English origin, and is most associated with African American urban vernacular; similar or equivalent phrases may include:

  • I don't want to sound gay, but...

Association with hip-hopEdit

The term entered its most popular usage following the release of American rapper Juelz Santana's 2003 album From Me to U, in which he uttered the sentence:

No homo but they cockin' 'em...

The term was then used heavily by Santana's labelmate Cam'Ron in his own follow-up album after having received heavy derision for his wearing of pink clothing.

No homo as an expression of homophobiaEdit

The term no homo is seen by many gay rights activists as being a form of masculinity-protective homophobia[1][2][3].


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