Nicole Montero is a transsexual, softcore porn actress, model, musician and rockstar. Nicole was born in Chile, at the age 16 she started leading a female lifestyle. After finishing school she moved to Santiago, the capital of the country, to study at the university. Later she left the university to dedicate her life to working in sex industry, both as a model and as an adult webmaster.

By the same time she started working in porn industry, she created her rock band and recorded her first rock album EDONIS. Nicole and her band played at the most important rock festivals in Santiago de Chile.

Nicole Montero mainly performs for her own websites where she stars both in softcore and hardcore episodes with other females and shemales. She also appeared at websites of other producers in softcore scenes.

Currently Nicole Montero lives in São Paulo, Brazil, producing movies and photos with other shemale models for her websites.

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