A neck corset (sometimes called throat corset or neck lacer) is special type of corset which is worn fitted around the neck instead of around the waist as of with ordinary corset. It is type of posture collar that incorporates stays.


Stays incorporated in a neck corset are specially made shorter ones, used to support the weight of the head on the shoulders, while its corset structure helps in maintaining posture by keeping the chin high and the neck extended. It is often combined with a traditional corset in order to achieve better posture.

It can be thin or as thick as the height of the neck. There are many varieties. They can be made of many different fabrics, such as leather, rubber, etc. but some more common fabrics are also used.

Neck corsets usually have back lacing, and some can have front lacing such as neck corset used for advertising Vichy's product called NeOVADIOL, however, some of them are secured by ribbon or zipper.


Neck corsets are worn by both men and women and they are mostly used in BDSM and goth subcultures. Some of them can be worn in a decorative fashion or as a form of fetish clothing. Others can be worn to restrict head movement, in which case they are known as a posture collar. Usually it is not used to compress the neck in the way that a normal corset compresses the waist, except in breathplay.

Although neck corset restricts head movement it is usually not used for medical purposes like cervical collar.

Mouth corsetsEdit

Special type of neck corset is mouth corset. They are designed to cover the mouth, and they are primarily used in BDSM, because they can be used as gags. They are called mouth corsets, because they cover the mouth.

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