National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs
HeadquartersNew York City, New York

The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs, or NCAVP, is a national organization dedicated to reducing violence and its impacts on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals in the United States It was founded in 1995 by Gloria McCauley of BRAVO and Jeffrey Montgomery of the Triangle Foundation[1].

NCAVP currently unites over 20 community-based LGBT anti-violence organizations in cities and regions across the country and Toronto, Ontario. NCAVP works to research and document bias and hate crimes and domestic violence in LGBT relationships, sexual assault and abuse, “pick-up” crimes, and other characteristic forms of violence affecting LGBT individuals, and is dedicated to helping local communities establish, promote and expand anti-violence education, prevention, organizing, advocacy and direct services.

NCAVP also encourages and assists in the development of policies that assist victims of violence, address the perpetrators of violence and change the social atmosphere of violence.

Through its Violence Response Initiative, NCAVP also provides direct-response to critical incidents of anti-LGBT violence around the country and assists local communities, survivors and families in coping with incidents.

Through its Education and Training Initiative, NCAVP also provides support to local communities seeking to create long-term responses to violence through technical assistance, guidance, and information and materials-sharing with the goal of creating more local anti-violence programs across the country.[2]

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  1. Home violence reports drop in Central Ohio

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