Murray Hill is the stage name of a well-known drag king entertainer persona of Betsey Gallagher in New York City whom The New York Times called "the current reigning patriarch of the downtown performance community."[1] Hill, who has been performing since 1995 as the "hardest-working middle-aged man in show business," is a frequent emcee in Lower Manhattan of such events as the annual "Ms. Lez" competition,[2] a bingo night with co-host drag queen Linda Simpson and a variety of burlesque and theater performances.[3] "It may be the combination of brilliant self-deprecation and uninhibited wisecracking that makes Murray Hill's act so funny," wrote The Village Voice.

Hill has performed at parties given by Joan Rivers, Ivana Trump and Liza Minnelli, and his acts incorporate homages to Joey Adams, Benny Hill, Sammy Davis Jr. and Henny Youngman.[1] He was the opening act for a tour of the rock band Le Tigre.[1]

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