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Momomi Kiyashiki

Momomi Kiyashiki is an antagonist in Strawberry Panic!. She is voiced by Saori Gotou. She is a lesbian because she's in a sexual relationship with Kaname Kenjou.


Somewhat of a snob, Momomi sees Spica as being superior to the other schools of Astraea. Being on the student council for Spica, Momomi helps by giving advice to Shion or agreeing with most of what Kaname says and suggests. This makes her seem like not much of an important character, though she serves to continue the conflict between Amane and Kaname, and her unconditional support may be pivotal for Kaname's behavior. When Kaname thinks up a plan, she helps her carry out it out, but tries not to get directly involved, watching from the sidelines instead.

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