Mom, I Need to be a Girl by Just Evelyn is a true story about Danielle Lindenmuth (born Daniel), a transsexual woman who began her transition from male to female at 15, and completed sex reassignment surgery at 18, with the help of her mother and older brothers. This story, written by Danielle's mother, is available free of charge online, and printed copies are available from some bookstores and online sources.

'Just' Evelyn, according to the book, now works as an electrologist. Danielle now seems to have little to no involvement with the transsexual community.


  • "Is a mother's love enough?" - Just Evelyn
  • "I would never wear your funky old clothes, you are a woman and can do all those things, and yet you don't. That's such a waste!" - Danielle Lindenmuth

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