Miss Tony, real name Anthony M. Boston, was a pioneering performer in the genre of Baltimore Club music. Miss Tony released several of the most popular Baltimore Club songs, such as "What's Up What's Up", "Tony's Bitch track", "Pull ya Guns out", and worked with Baltimore Club pioneers Frankski and Scotty B.

Miss Tony was a male performer who often sang live over radio broadcasts on Baltimore radio station 92Q (WERQ 92.3) and in clubs such as The Paradox. Miss Tony was a popular drag queen in Baltimore and was discovered by Frank Ski in the mid-late 80's. Later in his career, Miss Tony became the co-host of the "Big fat morning show" on 92Q, alongside Frankski. The Big fat morning show was the most popular radio program in Baltimore at that time.

Miss Tony changed his on-air personality to "Big Tony" in 1998, and became devoutly religious but still remained part of the club scene. Miss Tony died from kidney failure on April 11, 2003.

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