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Millie Tant is a character in the British comic, Viz. A caricature of the radical feminist mentality, Millie, who thinks of herself as a champion of "Wimmin's" rights, is actually so self-centered, dismissive of the feelings of others, and (it has to be said) masculine that she usually ends up being part of the problem rather than the solution.

Despite the fact that she often exhibits signs of bisexuality, most of her time is spent expressing her infinite hatred of men, whom she often refers to as either "phallocrats", "potential rapists" or just "rapists".

Millie is a lesbian (except for when the punchline requires her to secretly be heterosexual), and insists on referring to other women as "fellow lesbians", regardless of their actual orientation. Most of the storylines seem to indicate that sexual frustration, amongst other things, is the root of her problems. It can even be assumed that she is a self hating heterosexual who expresses her self-loathing by castigating men, suggesting this is internalized misogyny.

She often complains that various phenomena are actually metaphors for the suppression of women: for instance, she once declared that fireworks are actually 'big explosive penises' that 'skewer and rape the virgin female sky'. During such rants, she raises her fist in the air and literally foams at the mouth. The epitome of dogmatic, humourless political correctness, she once refused to make a snowman, instead offering to make a snow-black lesbian rape victim in a wheelchair. In another adventure she plays a card game with an old woman, but ends the game by calling her a homophobe - just because she said she had a "straight flush". Millie also had a baby using donated sperm to artificially inseminate herself with a veggie burger baster (as a vegan, she refused to use a turkey baster) but despite having planned an all-natural home birth she ended up in hospital, using pethidine, and begging the nurse to call the father to come and hold her hand.

At the end of each comic strip, Millie Tant invariably forgets her feminist stance and is shown to be a hypocrite, e.g. asking a man to get rid of a mouse while she is standing on a chair, or knitting baby clothes with a simpering look on her face.

She is also usually mistaken for an ugly man.

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