Midori (美登里?) is a prominent human sexuality writer, speaker, and sex educator based in San Francisco, California. Her writings and contributions have appeared in many books and magazines. Her specialties include in-depth knowledge of general sexuality as well as alternative sexual practices, including BDSM and sexual fetishism.

Midori was born in Kyoto, Japan of Japanese and German parents and raised in a feminist intellectual Tokyo household.

Midori moved to the US during her teens. She served as a United States Army Reserves Intelligence officer while earning her psychology degree from University of California, Berkeley, and also spent a few years as a sex educator with San Francisco Sex Information. She now travels extensively and gives seminars and classes.

Midori is also active in helping various causes, such as supporting people with HIV and AIDS in the San Francisco community.

Midori's photography, installation art, and performance pieces have gathered acclaim and interest in experimental galleries and venues in London, Toronto, San Francisco, Sydney, and Tokyo.

Midori narrated a CD consisting of six erotic stories called Aural Seductions - Erotic Stories Volume One.

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