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Michael Huffington (born September 3, 1947, in Dallas, Texas) is an American politician belonging to the Republican Party, and a film producer. He was a member of the United States House of Representatives for one term, 1993–1995, from California. Huffington was married to Arianna Huffington, the Greek-born columnist and liberal activist, from 1986 to 1997.

Education and early life Edit

Huffington graduated from Culver Military Academy in Culver, Indiana, in 1965 where he received the Central States Amateur Rowing Association Medal when he rowed on the light weight crew. After graduation he was elected to the Culver Chapter of the Cum Laude Society. He received a BS degree in engineering and a BA degree in economics concurrently from Stanford University in 1970. Huffington was a member of the varsity crew, student senator, and co-president of his senior class. After Stanford, he received an MBA in finance from Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

In 1972, he started work for The First National Bank of Chicago, and in 1974 he co-founded Simmons & Huffington, Inc.

From 1976 to 1990, he served as vice chairman of Huffco, the family-owned energy business founded by his father Roy M. Huffington.

Political work Edit

Huffington's interest in politics began in 1968, when he was a summer intern for freshman Congressman George H.W. Bush in Washington, D.C.

In 1986, President Ronald Reagan appointed Huffington as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Negotiations Policy with responsibility for conventional arms control negotiations. He was awarded the Secretary of Defense Medal for outstanding public service.

In 1992, Huffington was elected to the House of Representatives from California's 22nd District (Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties). He spent $5.4 million of his personal fortune on his campaign.[1] He defeated veteran incumbent Bob Lagomarsino in the Republican primary election, then Santa Barbara County Supervisor Gloria Ochoa in the general election. Huffington donated his entire congressional salary to the Partnership for Children of Santa Barbara County in 1993 and to the Partnership for Children of San Luis Obispo County in 1994.

After one term in the House, Huffington used $28 million of his own money in a bid for a seat in the United States Senate in 1994. In the Republican primary, he defeated William E. Dannemeyer, a politician, activist, author, and an outspoken critic of homosexuality. At the time, Huffington's was the most expensive campaign in a non-presidential election in American history. Huffington lost in the general election by 1.9 percent of the vote to Dianne Feinstein.

During 1998, Huffington was co-chairman (along with actor and director Rob Reiner) of Proposition 10 in California, which increased the state excise tax on cigarettes by 50 cents per pack. The resulting multi-hundred million dollars of tax revenue is being used for pre-natal health care and for the health care and education of children under six years of age.

In the 2003 California recall election, Huffington endorsed Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger. His ex-wife, Arianna Huffington, was an opposing candidate.

Personal life and political advocacy Edit

In 1998 Huffington disclosed that he was bisexual.

In 1998 Huffington provided the initial grant that launched SOIN (Sexual Orientation Issues in the News)[2] at the University of Southern California's Annenberg School of Communication.

In 2005 Huffington helped to establish a summer fellowship program for LGBT students at Stanford University.[3]

In 2006, Huffington co-chaired the Log Cabin Republicans "The Courage To Lead: An Evening With The Governor" dinner that honored California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on June 29, 2006. Huffington also personally contributed $1 for every $2 contributed to the Log Cabin Republicans (a 501(c)(4) tax designated organization) for that dinner.

In 2006, Huffington became a Director of 'It's My Party Too'.[4] The group was founded by former Governor Christine Todd Whitman. A moderate Republican organization, it advocated fiscal conservatism, social progressivism, environmental protection and limited government interference in personal matters. In 2007, It's My Party Too evolved into the Republican Leadership Council.[5]

In December 2006, he became a blogger on the Huffington Post[6] on a variety of subjects.

Film productionEdit

Huffington found a post-political career as a film producer.[7] From 1991 to 2000, he was co-owner of Crest Films Limited.

Among his other production credits:


1994 California United States Senatorial Election

Dianne Feinstein (D) (inc.) 46.7%
Michael Huffington (R) 44.8%

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