Matthew Rush
OccupationPorn film actor, personal trainer, body builder

Matthew Rush (born Gregory Grove on September 22, 1972) is an American gay pornographic actor who appears in gay pornographic films and gay pornographic magazines. He is also a bodybuilder and personal trainer under his real name. He has competed at the Gay Games in Amsterdam and Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Rush has attained gay icon status like Jeff Stryker, not only in the adult industry but the gay community in general.


Rush was born in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania and grew up in the small town of Shirleysburg, Pennsylvania in Huntingdon County. He graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Physiology.

Following graduation, Rush worked in the cruise industry as a personal trainer, but soon moved to Columbus, Ohio, to work as a personal trainer.

As a porn star, Rush is under a lifetime exclusive contract with Falcon Studios.[1] He describes himself as versatile, engaging in both top and bottom roles. While primarily a top in his porn film roles, he bottomed on screen for the first time with then boyfriend Rob Romoni in the video Taking Flight, Part 2. In a Falcon TV appearance with his boyfriend, fellow porn star Ethan Kage, he performed both as top and bottom. He has also bottomed for Erik Rhodes.

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Unusually for a porn star, Rush has made several forays into legitimate acting while continuing to make porn films. Most notably, he has appeared in the TV detective film Third Man Out, starring Chad Allen, and in the motion picture Another Gay Movie. From 2002 to 2005, he acted in a traveling stage production of Ronnie Larsen's, Making Porn. He also appeared in stage productions of Ronnie Larsen's play, 10 Naked Men, as well as Psycho Beach Party, and "CellboQ", both at Arts on Real Theater in Austin, TX. Aside from Falcon, Rush works as head of "FabScout Live", a live entertainment division of gay adult agency "FabScout".

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