Template:Infobox character Matt Wilding is a character on the BBC television series Waterloo Road. He is played by actor Chris Geere. Matt is a talented musician who is seeking to impress the administration in this, his first teaching job.[1]

Matt made his first appearance in Season 3, Episode 1, as a substitute for recently murdered drama teacher Izzie Redpath. He arrived very late into the school day (and the episode) due to delays at the airport, but Jack Rimmer scheduled a meeting the following day at 8 am.

Steph Haydock initially appeared to take a shine to Matt, but in an episode aired on 1 November 2007, Matt revealed to her that he was homosexual; his "housemate" Colin is actually his boyfriend of several years. His homosexuality soon became known to the pupils, and he once caught a group of boys painting "bender" on the door of the male staff toilets.

More recently, Matt's production of the school musical was criticised by fellow new teacher Jasmine Koreshi, who suggested that she could do better.

He has since proposed to his partner Colin, after coming out to his mother, however there has been no more development of the storyline.


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