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Template:Infobox Film Mango Kiss is a 2004 US comedy film written and directed by Sascha Rice. The movie is a love story between two lesbian friends, Lou and Sassafras. It is based on the play Bermuda Triangles written by Sarah Brown. The story for the play was based on the playwright's experience living within the lesbian subculture found in San Francisco in the 1990s.

Plot Edit

Lou falls in love with her best friend Sassafras who doesn't know. In order to bring their careers as performance artists forward they move to San Francisco where they get into the BDSM scene. Soon they start a princess/daddy role-play: Lou plays out a Sea Captain Daddy role and Sass takes on a brat princess.

Reviews Edit

  • "With a sly sense of humor and plenty of sex, Mango Kiss is a rollicking, sugar-coated spree through the wacky world of women-whipping-women. And, believe it or not, I'll kiss and tell you that at its heart Mango Kiss is an ode to old-fashioned romance." miami gay & lesbian film festival[1]

Awards Edit

References Edit

  1. miami gay & lesbian film festival

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