Malmö Devilants RFC is a Swedish gay rugby union and volleyball club in Malmö. Malmö Devilants was founded 2004 and was the first gay rugby team in Scandinavia. Malmö Devilants are a member of International Gay Rugby Association and Board[1]. Devilants have been playing in Union Cup in 2005 and 2007[2]. In 2007 the club also started a volleyball team.

Malmö Devilants in Union Cup Edit

2007 Edit

Malmö Devilants came fourth in Union Cup 2007. Beating NOP Amsterdam 20-10 before losing to Cardiff Lions (5-35), Emerald Warriors (5-60) and Caledonian Thebans (15-20)[3].

References Edit

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Source Edit

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External links Edit

  • Malmö Devilants [5]
  • Article about Devilants in QX (Scandinavians biggest gay magazine) [6]
  • Article about Devilants in QX (Scandinavians biggest gay magazine) [7]


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