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Maja Stina by Joseph O'Brien in latex by Violaceous Latex

Maja Stina is a cis-gendered bio queen, model, makeup artist, clothing designer and aspiring photographer and tattooist, based in the East of England, UK.

She has been a model since mid-2010 and her interests in makeup started when she visited a MAC store in the USA in 2008. Since then, she has been learning more and more about makeup to perfect her extreme look.

She is very active in her local LBGT scene and frequents the club "Dot Cotton's" at The Junction in Cambridge, never missing a night. She can be seen in full drag and an extreme (usually scantilly clad) outfit to match the hair and makeup.

Maja is constantly changing her hair to suit her needs, shying away from bright coloured clothing. She has had hair colours ranging from silver to black and everything in between! This is most definitely where she takes most pride, co-ordinating her makeup to match her hair, always with bold, bright eyebrows drawn on with Sugarpill eyeshadow.

Maja adores fashion and beauty but will not shoot in animal products, or purchase cosmetics tested on animals. Maja also adores hair pieces; the bigger, the better!

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