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Welcome to the LGBT Project, a website which aims at providing factual, unbiased and down-to-earth information about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people.

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Queer As Folk

Queer as Folk is a 1999 British television series that chronicles the lives of three gay men living in Manchester's gay village around Canal Street. Initially running for eight episodes, a two-part follow up called Queer As Folk 2 was shown in 2000. Both Queer as Folk and Queer as Folk 2 were written by Russell T Davies.

Queer as Folk was produced by the Red Production Company for Channel 4. The title of the programme comes from a Yorkshire dialect expression from some parts of Northern England, "there's nowt so queer as folk", meaning "there's nothing as strange as people"; which is a word play on the modern-day English synonym of "queer", meaning homosexual. Davies had originally titled the series this, although at the suggestion of Channel 4 executives for a period during its development and pre-production it was known as Queer as F***, before it reverted to the former name.

A Canadian-American co-production ran between December 2000 and August 2005 and was produced for Showtime. Based on the British series created by Russell T Davies, Queer as Folk was the first hour-long drama on American television to portray the lives of gay men and women. Although it was set in Pittsburgh, PA, much of the series was actually shot in Toronto and employed various Canadian directors known for their independent film work.

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Victor Blackwell

Victor Blackwell
American journalist and television news anchor

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  • ... that The Pittsburgh Courier crusaded against the blue discharge, calling it "a vicious instrument that should not be perpetrated against the American Soldier"?
  • ...that Nireah Johnson, a transgender woman, was murdered by Paul Moore after Moore discovered Johnson was a biological male?
  • ... that the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club developed some of the earliest "safe sex" education material in the United States?
  • ... that the success of Gay Weddings as counterprogramming to Super Bowl XXXVII led television network Bravo to develop additional LGBT-interest programming, including Queer Eye and Boy Meets Boy?
  • ... that Freeheld is an Academy Award winning documentary by Cynthia Wade that follows a New Jersey detective fighting for the right to pass on her pension to her female domestic partner?
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    When we say the Pledge of Allegiance, we say, "...with liberty and justice for all." Well what part of all don't people understand?

    —Patricia Schroeder

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    Caitlyn Jenner

    Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, is an American former track and field athlete and current television personality.

    Jenner came to international attention when, while still identifying as a man, she won the gold medal in the decathlon at the 1976 Summer Olympics held in Montreal. Subsequently she starred in several made-for-TV movies and was briefly Erik Estrada's replacement on the TV series CHiPs.

    Jenner was married for nearly 24 years to Kris Jenner (formerly Kardashian); the couple and their children appeared beginning in 2007 on the television reality series Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Following her divorce in 2015, Jenner came out in a television interview as a transwoman, initially preferring male pronouns until her transition was more complete. On June 1, 2015, Jenner revealed her new name, Caitlyn, and her use of female pronouns officially. Many news sources have described Jenner as the most famous openly transgender American.


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    • 1 – Brandi Carlile (1981-), American alternative country and folk rock singer-songwriter
    • 1 – Ferron (1952–), Canadian folk singer and songwriter
    • 2 – Brent Hawkes (1950-), Canadian pastor & LGBT rights activist
    • 2 – Wentworth Miller (1972–), English-born American actor and screenwriter
    • 2 – Zachary Quinto (1977–), American actor
    • 2 – Marquis de Sade (1740-1814), French aristocrat, revolutionary politician, philosopher and writer
    • 3 – Allen Ginsberg (1926–1997), American beat poet
    • 3 – Josephine Baker (1906–1975), American dancer, singer and actress
    • 3 – Anderson Cooper (1967–), American journalist, author, and television personality
    • 4 – Val McDermid (1955–), Scottish suspense novel writer
    • 5 – Lisa Cholodenko (1964–), American film and television writer-director
    • 5 – Suze Orman (1951–), American financial advisor, author, columnist and TV host
    • 5 – Troye Sivan (1995–), Australian actor and singer
    • 6 – Sandra Bernhard, American comedian, actress, singer and writer
    • 6 – Harvey Fierstein (1952–), American actor and playwright
    • 7 - James Ivory (1928-), American film director
    • 8 – Kim Stolz (1983-), American model, TV personality, author and finance executive
    • 8 – Marguerite Yourcenar (1903–1987), French novelist
    • 9 – Parinya Charoenphol (1981–), Thai boxer, model and actress
    • 9 – Bülent Ersoy (1952-), Turkish singer & actress
    • 9 – Cole Porter (1891–1964), American composer and songwriter
    • 10 – Maurice Sendak (1928–2012), American children's writer
    • 10 – Dustin Lance Black (1974–), American screenwriter, director, producer, and LGBT rights activist
    • 12 – Djuna Barnes (1892–1982), American writer
    • 12 – Jim Nabors (1930–), American actor and singer
    • 13 – Paul Lynde (1926–1982), American comedian and actor
    • 14 – Boy George (1961–), British singer-songwriter
    • 15 – Neil Patrick Harris (1973–), American actor, singer, director, and magician
    • 16 – Joe McElderry (1991–), British singer and model
    • 16 – Jenny Shimizu (1967–), American model and actress
    • 17 – Carl Van Vechten (1880–1964), American writer and photographer
    • 17 – Steven Davies (1986–), English cricketer
    • 17 – Phyllida Lloyd (1957–), English theatre and film director
    • 19 – Elisabeth Marbury (1856-1933), theatrical/literary agent and author
    • 21 – Meredith Baxter (1947–), American actress and producer
    • 21 – Lana Wachowski (1965–), American film director, screenwriter and producer
    • 22 – Jimmy Somerville (1961–), Scottish pop singer
    • 23 – Alan Turing (1912–1954), English mathematician and computer scientist
    • 24 – Stacy Sykora (1977–), retired American volleyball player
    • 25 – Larry Kramer (1935–), American playwright, novelist, and LGBT rights activist
    • 26 – Sean Hayes (1970–), American actor and comedian
    • 28 – David Kopay (1942–), American football player

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