Mado Lamotte, the stage name of Luc Provost, is a Montreal drag queen, author, and gay community personality.

A high camp drag queen, Mado emphasizes her outlandish, libertine personality and wickedly sharp tongue in her shows, favouring bright fuchsia wigs and proclaiming Chus pas "il," chus pas "elle," chus "ça"! Ch'une chose! ("I'm not a he, I'm not a she, I'm an it! I'm a thing!") and Je suis pas personnificatrice féminine. Je suis trop laide. Je suis drag queen ("I'm not a female impersonator. I'm too ugly. I'm a drag queen.")

Mado has been performing for over 15 years, rising to fame on the strength of her bingo nights at club Zorro and at the famous Sky complex. She was a longtime emcee and DJ of Ciel Mon Mardi at Sky, before opening her own drag cabaret, Cabaret Mado, in Montreal's Gay Village in 2002, trading on her fame as the most prominent drag queen in Montreal's large gay community. She usually only lip-synchs the opening number, preferring to simply DJ (on certain nights) and bring her comedy talents to bear as emcee, though she occasionally favours her audience by singing live.

She is a major contributor to the annual Divers/Cité pride festival, conducting not only her famous Bingo à Mado nights at the Montreal Casino, but also hosting Mascara : La nuit des drags. This immense free open-air drag show usually held the night before the parade, featuring over 80 performers every year, is the high point of Divers-Cité's entertainment and is one of the largest drag shows in the world, in the running with New York City's Wigstock.

Mado is also an author, writing a weekly column for the Ici weekly newspaper and a monthly article for the Fugues gay and lesbian newsmagazine, supplementing her trademark style with heavy "joual" (a variant of Quebec French spoken in Montreal.). In 2000, she published a collection of her columns entitled Tu vois ben qu'est folle (She's obviously crazy).

She has also released a record album, and had a cameo appearance in the 2003 movie Saved by the Belles.

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