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Lucifer Box is a fictional painter and secret agent created by Mark Gatiss. He appears in the novels The Vesuvius Club and The Devil in Amber. A lucifer box is the same as a match box ...lucifer being the old name for matches.

Persona Edit

Box is a flamboyant, dashing and elegant figure who displays a prominent sense of fashion. A portrait painter to the rich and influential, he uses this as cover for his activities as a secret agent (in the world of the novels, the Royal Academy is the front for Britain's secret services). Box is a charming but ruthless figure, who combines a sardonic sense of humor with a cold determination to kill when necessary. He lives at Number 9 Downing Street (next door to the Prime Minister, famously at Number 10), and presumably two doors down from the Chancellor of the Exchequer. (Historical note: There used to be a Number 9 Downing Street, but it no longer exists.)

Box is also openly bisexual, and is equally comfortable seducing both male and female partners.

He has a sister called Pandora and a servant called Delilah.


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