Template:Infobox soap character Lucas Jones is a fictional character on the American Soap opera General Hospital. He was most recently played by actor Ben Hogestyn.

Character's background Edit

Lucas is the adopted son of Dr. Tony Jones and nurse Bobbie Spencer. They named him "Lucas" after his uncle Luke Spencer. His biological parents were mobster Julian Jerome and Cheryl Stansbury, both deceased. Bobbie adopted Lucas as a baby and later lied to keep him when she found out it had been an illegal adoption. She eventually had to give Lucas back to his birth mother, Cheryl Stansbury. When Cheryl died a year later, she named Bobbie and Tony as Lucas' guardians. Bobbie and Tony battled for custody of Lucas against Cheryl's sister, Tiffany Hill Donely and her husband, Sean Donely. The judge awarded custody to Bobbie and Tony. Tiffany and Sean eventually left town.

Lucas suffers from Type 1 diabetes and, as a child, was often sent away to a camp for diabetics. He has been largely a back burner character.

At one point the show tried to pair him romantically with one of his adopted cousins, Maxie Jones or Georgie Jones, but fans found the romance unpalatable. Even though Lucas and the girls were not blood related, they had been raised as first cousins since early childhood and had shared the same babysitter. The following year, Lucas announced to his friends and family that he is gay. His father was supportive after Lucas came out. Georgie set him up with her friend Guy Tucker and they are now dating. Lucas was last seen mourning at his father's grave after Tony died in an encephalitis epidemic in February 2006.

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