Lord Fanny is a fictional character in the comic book series The Invisibles. A series published by DC Comics as a part of that company's Vertigo imprint. She is a shaman and transgendered (male-to-female).


Fanny was born a boy in Brazil in 1972. This angered her grandmother who was the most feared witch in the city and wanted her lineage continued. Since men could not become witches, Hilde's grandmother raised the child as a girl.

Hilde's mother was murdered in 1979, and shortly afterwards Hilde underwent magical initiation at which it was revealed her patron goddess was Tlazolteotl, deity of filth and lust. By 1990 Hilde had become a prostitute in Brazil, a career which ended when she was brutally raped at a party. She briefly contemplated suicide before joining The Invisibles, a group of terrorists who want to free mankind from oppression at the hands of extradimensional demons, at the request of one of the cell leaders, John-A-Dreams.

Time in The InvisiblesEdit

After joining The Invisibles, Fanny regained a lot of her self-confidence and became a core member of the group. She has pulled her cell out of the fire on a number of occasions, including twice fending off a vicious demon named Orlando, rescuing King Mob from the clutches of a dangerous conspiracy and freeing Mr. Quimper, an extradimensional spirit trapped on the Earthly plane.

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