Loraine Hutchins
Occupationauthor, editor in chief, cultural critic and professor

Loraine Hutchins is an American bisexual and feminist author, activist, and sex educator.[1][2] Hutchins rose to prominence as co-editor (with Lani Ka'ahumanu) of Bi Any Other Name: Bisexual People Speak Out, an anthology that is one of the seminal books in the bisexual rights movement.[3][4] Hutchins contributed the pieces "Letting Go: An Interview with John Horne" and "Love That Kink" to that anthology.[5]

She is a graduate of The Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality’s Sexological Bodyworkers Certification Training program. She currently teaches Intro to Women's Studies, Intro to LGBT Studies, Women's Health, and Health Issues in Sexuality at two different campuses in the Washington, DC area.[1]

In June 2006 Hutchins delivered the keynote address at the Ninth International Conference On Bisexuality, Gender And Sexual Diversity (9ICB).[6]

In October 2009, Hutchins was honored by the Rainbow History Project[7] in Washington DC for her activist work.[8]

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