This is a list of episodes of Savage Lovecast, "the once a week, out-loud version of the sex-advice column Savage Love", hosted by Dan Savage.

Episode list Edit

Title HostsGuest Host(s) Release Date Episode Number # Length (mm:ss)
Savage Lovecast Episode 1 Dan Savage none October 26, 2006 1 14:27
Savage Lovecast Episode 2 Dan Savage none November 2, 2006 2 11:47
Savage Lovecast Episode 3 Dan Savage none November 9, 2006 3 25:08
Savage Lovecast Episode 4 Dan Savage none November 16, 2006 4 24:13
Savage Lovecast Episode 5 Dan Savage none November 23, 2006 5 22:51
Savage Lovecast Episode 6 Dan Savage none November 30, 2006 6 25:43
Savage Lovecast Episode 7 Dan Savage none December 7, 2006 7 22:50
Savage Lovecast Episode 8 Dan Savage none December 8, 2006 8 18:02
Savage Lovecast Episode 9 Dan Savage none December 19, 2006 9 27:20
Savage Lovecast Episode 10 Dan Savage none December 21, 2006 10 20:37
Savage Lovecast Episode 11 Dan Savage none January 2, 2007 11 26:01
Savage Lovecast Episode 12 Dan Savage none January 9, 2007 12 28:17
Savage Lovecast Episode 13 Dan Savage none January 16, 2007 13 25:24
Savage Lovecast Episode 14 Dan Savage none January 22, 2007 14 24:29
Savage Lovecast Episode 15 Dan Savage none January 30, 2007 15 23:44
Savage Lovecast Episode 16 Dan Savage none February 6, 2007 16 21:50
Savage Lovecast Episode 17 Dan Savage none February 13, 2007 17 21:51
Savage Lovecast Episode 18 Dan Savage none February 20, 2007 18 22:46
Savage Lovecast Episode 19 Dan Savage none February 27, 2007 19 22:31
Savage Lovecast Episode 20 Dan Savage none March 6, 2007 20 19:21
Savage Lovecast Episode 21 Dan Savage none March 13, 2007 21 29:45
Savage Lovecast Episode 22 Dan Savage none March 20, 2007 22 25:25
Savage Lovecast Episode 23 Dan Savage none March 28, 2007 23 21:22
Savage Lovecast Episode 24 Dan Savage none April 3, 2007 24 26:32
Savage Lovecast Episode 25 Dan Savage none April 10, 2007 25 27:45
Savage Lovecast Episode 26 Dan Savage none April 17, 2007 26 26:30
Savage Lovecast Episode 27 Dan Savage none April 24, 2007 27 30:33
Savage Lovecast Episode 28 Dan Savage none May 1, 2007 28 25:35

Recently sexually active woman talked to parents about birth control and now they are pissed; girl wants to have vaginal intercourse for first time, but boyfriend wants to wait until marriage (but is eager for anything else); information about gay sex parties; bi-woman, married, enjoys polyamorous relationships, what should she tell her family.

Savage Lovecast Episode 29 Dan Savage none May 8, 2007 29 24:55
Savage Lovecast Episode 30 Dan Savage Dr. Barak Gaster May 15, 2007 30 38:01
Savage Lovecast Episode 31 Dan Savage none May 22, 2007 31 21:05
Savage Lovecast Episode 32 Dan Savage none May 29, 2007 32 29:35
Savage Lovecast Episode 33 Dan Savage none June 5, 2007 33 23:37
Savage Lovecast Episode 34 Dan Savage none June 12, 2007 34 20:21
Savage Lovecast Episode 35 Dan Savage none June 19, 2007 35 26:56
Savage Lovecast Episode 36 Dan Savage none June 26, 2007 36 30:23
Savage Lovecast Episode 37 Dan Savage none July 3, 2007 37 24:29
Savage Lovecast Episode 38 Dan Savage none July 10, 2007 38 34:53
Savage Lovecast Episode 39 Dan Savage none July 17, 2007 39 22:40
Savage Lovecast Episode 40 Dan Savage none July 24, 2007 40 23:59
Savage Lovecast Episode 41 Dan Savage none July 31, 2007 41 20:16
Savage Lovecast Episode 42 Dan Savage none August 7, 2007 42 26:10
Savage Lovecast Episode 43 Dan Savage none August 14, 2007 43 27:39
Savage Lovecast Episode 44 Dan Savage none August 21, 2007 44 35:14
Savage Lovecast Episode 45 Dan Savage none August 28, 2007 45 27:19
Savage Lovecast Episode 46 Dan Savage none September 4, 2007 46 33:19
Savage Lovecast Episode 47 Dan Savage none September 11, 2007 47 38:41
Savage Lovecast Episode 48 Dan Savage none September 18, 2007 48 38:46
Savage Lovecast Episode 49 Dan Savage none September 25, 2007 49 46:06
Savage Lovecast Episode 50 Dan Savage none October 2, 2007 50 38:07
Savage Lovecast Episode 51 Dan Savage none October 9, 2007 51 38:03
Savage Lovecast Episode 52 Dan Savage none October 16, 2007 52 30:20
Savage Lovecast Episode 53 Dan Savage none October 23, 2007 53 42:45
Savage Lovecast Episode 54 Dan Savage none October 30, 2007 54 39:29

Woman has sex with her married concierge, a guy wonders how to proceed after a girl he was interested in was sexually assaulted and no longer trusts him, a woman wants to deal with her insecurity of her husbands fantasies, woman's boyfriend has major weed issues, and a woman discovers her ex-boyfriend's rough behavior turns her on.

Savage Lovecast Episode 55 Dan Savage none November 6, 2007 55 39:58
Savage Lovecast Episode 56 Dan Savage none November 13, 2007 56 37:38
Savage Lovecast Episode 57 Dan Savage Jonathan Golob November 20, 2007 57 40:31
Savage Lovecast Episode 58 Dan Savage none November 27, 2007 58 33:43
Savage Lovecast Episode 59 Dan Savage none December 4, 2007 59 36:50
Savage Lovecast Episode 60 Dan Savage none December 11, 2007 60 36:48
Savage Lovecast Episode 61 Dan Savage none December 18, 2007 61 38:51
Savage Lovecast Episode 62 Dan Savage none December 25, 2007 62 37:42
Savage Lovecast Episode 63 Dan Savage none January 1, 2008 63 37:10
Savage Lovecast Episode 64 Dan Savage none January 8, 2008 64 46:15
Savage Lovecast Episode 65 Dan Savage none January 15, 2008 65 24.56
Savage Lovecast Episode 66 Dan Savage none January 22, 2008 66 35:18
Savage Lovecast Episode 67 Dan Savage none January 29, 2008 67 32:29
Savage Lovecast Episode 68 Dan Savage none February 5, 2008 68 34:44

Blowjob advice, gay love triangles in the woods, lesbian kinks, jesus-freak relationships, and how to invite a potential third into bed.

Savage Lovecast Episode 69 Dan Savage none February 12, 2008 69 35:25

A new theme song is introduced, a touchy-feely married man is resented by a bi-woman, but she wouldn't mind doing his wife, a woman can't tell if she wants to date women or only wants to dress her boys like girls, a straight guy is interested in giving head, a woman complains her German man will only come on her face, and a man wants to explore some dom desires, and asks advice on hiring a professional.

Savage Lovecast Episode 70 Dan Savage none February 19, 2008 70 31:50

One woman loves the power behind giving blowjobs, another worries about telling her Lutheran parents about her jail-bait self's love for older men, a cross-dressing man looks for a platonic relationship with other cross-dessers, a son finds out about his fathers (potential) infidelity, and a fag hag has troubles with her fag.

Savage Lovecast Episode 71 Dan Savage none February 26, 2008 71 25:25

One woman wants to know what to do with her boyfriend who loves her, but is not "in love" with her, a man worries about his friends bitchy girlfriend, a gay man mourns the loss of a first love, and finally a woman is concerned about a friend's potentially abusive relationship.

Savage Lovecast Episode 72 Dan Savage none March 4, 2008 72 27:48

A girls boyfriend blames his low sex drive on his moral values system, a man's boyfriend wants nothing but sex, but discusses no details about his loser life, a woman finds herself pregnant after a one-night stand with a friend and wants to confront him about a potentially broken condom, two different callers are worried about STIs, and finally a gay man discusses his inability to keep men for longer than one month (and also brings up a previous discussion about people who do not enjoy kissing).

Savage Lovecast Episode 73 Dan Savage none March 11, 2008 73 48:05

A 40yr old woman snoops and finds out her boyfriends secrets, a man fresh out of a 2 yr relationship hesitates jumping into bed with a certain girl, more about blowing men for power, bisexual woman's "asexual" husband is not giving sex, but not either allowing her to get outside stimulation, bi-virgin invited to do a threesome with a friend and her boyfriend for the first time, and a gay man wants advice about bringing home a boyfriend for the first time since coming out.

Savage Lovecast Episode 74 Dan Savage none March 18, 2008 74 33:04

Fag-Hag-A-Palooza: All about issues relating to fags and their fag-hags.

Savage Lovecast Episode 75 Dan Savage none March 26, 2008 75 37:21

A new theme song by rapper AOK is introduced. Advice on what to do when the sex is great, but the person is not "boyfriend material", a man suspects a friend stole Percocet and wants to know if he should confront him, a man's young children are exploring sexuality and wants to know what to say to them, an FTM wants to know about male bathroom habits, a gay male has trouble getting intimate after having worked at a clinic, a woman needs help with her friend who is making herself look bad by talking about being kinky, and drinking way too much, and with possible cases of sex abuse in past, and finally a piece of advice to people in abusive relationships from a lawyer. Savage concludes the show by repeating the new hip-hop theme song.

Savage Lovecast Episode 76 Dan Savage none April 1, 2008 76 39:47

Dan Savage is away. A Savage Lovecast "Chestnut" from October 30, 2007 (episode 54), is played instead.

Savage Lovecast Episode 77 Dan Savage none April 8, 2008 77 25:34

Dan Savage is away. A Savage Lovecast rerun from May 1, 2007 (episode 28), is played instead.

Savage Lovecast Episode 78 Dan Savage none April 15, 2008 78 34:23

Married man in an affair needs advice; a married sex addict needs help dealing with his problems; do scrota sag with age?; woman's mother-in-law-to-be says she will need time to get used to the interracial relationship; young gay man has fears of defecating during anal sex; new college student is concerned about wet dreams (particularly in communal living arrangements); and a gay man is angry about "fag-hags", and particularly gay men who have sex with women.

Savage Lovecast Episode 79 Dan Savage none April 22, 2008 79 37:52

A woman's friend (whom she has casual sex with) wants oral sex, but will not reciprocate; a man wants to know how to change after his girlfriend breaks up with him for chatting to random women on the internet; a woman is upset about a crush that didn't work out; a brother goes to jail, again, for public masturbation; and a husband masturbates profusely and leaves ejaculate all over the house.

Savage Lovecast Episode 80 Dan Savage none April 29, 2008 80 37:42

Friend studied abroad and got a French girlfriend, now she is coming to visit, and his American ex doesn't know; lesbian has been in a string of dramatic relationship and wants to get out of the self-destructive cycle; Joe may have found pornographic pictures of his ex-girlfriend; a woman is concerned about her rape fetish; a woman needs advice on how to communicate her sexual desires; question on Dan Savage's view on monogamy; possible solution to wet dreams; and two thank-yous to Dan.

Savage Lovecast Episode 81 Dan Savage none May 6, 2008 81 47:50

Features calls regarding all gay matters. A bi-identified woman feels more intensely lesbian during her period; how safe are watersports?; what reactions should one have to an acquaintance who is a convicted child molester?; how to best be supportive to a 12 year old son who just came out?; what are ethical concerns with bareback (not using condoms) pornography?; how to bring up issues of race and social status within the gay community?; and a man has gained 100 lbs and wonders how to better meet less judgmental men.

Savage Lovecast Episode 82 Dan Savage none May 13, 2008 82 34:40

Woman had an affair with a man in an ambiguously-described open relationship, and wonders about her responsibilities; a call girl needs advice on revealing her past to her new conservative boyfriend; a straight man wonders how to politely turn down gay men; woman was faking orgasms and wonders if she should tell her boyfriend now that they are breaking up; thoughts about amateur pornography; man is into light BDSM, but his much younger girlfriend was raped in past and is a self-described feminist. Can BDSM be worked into the relationship?

Savage Lovecast Episode 83 Dan Savage Cory Silverberg May 20, 2008 83 56:46

Heterosexuality Rights Watch; man has a fetish for a specific body type and doesn't know how to tell current girlfriend; gay man wonders how to make anal sex not hurt; lesbian wants advice on coming out to her extended family; revisiting the French Major Drama House (from episode #80); gay man takes issue with Dan's "damaged goods" comment; woman with cerebral palsy needs help to save her sexual relationship; woman in BDSM relationship has become gun-shy about mixing sex and pain after being sick for a long time and now having epilepsy; woman with a number of different disabilities has trouble finding people to date; some further notes on disabilities and sexuality with Cory Silverberg.

Savage Lovecast Episode 84 Dan Savage none May 27, 2008 84 41:47

Woman has a "sugar daddy" who enjoys performing cunnilingus on her, while she is in it for the money would prefer intercourse only; man has a separate online and real life relationship with an ex-girlfriend; married man has concerns about his wife wanting an open relationship; woman wants to approach a friendly couple about becoming the third party to an open relationship; a sister and brother wonder about coming out at the same time to their extended family; two thank you calls to Dan; and Dan reads up a few emails.

Savage Lovecast Episode 487 Dan Savage February 23, 2016

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